Easy Coronation Cocktails – Part 3 – Sloe Royale

by | May 2, 2023 | Cocktail Making, Gin, Recipes

Sloe Royale Coronation Cocktail

With the King’s Coronation nearly here we’ve got three easy to create gin cocktails for you to make for the perfect celebration. 


Our third cocktail is elegant and classic  and, as its name suggests, worthy of being enjoyed at any royal celebration.   It’s also one of our favourites and is the latest, and very popular, addition to our bar menu.   

Made by steeping sloe berries and lots of sugar in good quality gin, Sloe Gin is delicious and fruity.  It can be served neat over ice as a sipper, with a mixer (we like it with lemonade) or in a cocktail. 

Like our first two cocktails it’s easy to make and makes a perfect welcome drink or aperitif. 

You’ll need

  • A champagne flute



Measure 25ml of Sloe Gin and add to your champagne flute


Top up your champagne flute with Prosecco (approximately 100ml)


Add a raspberry or a slice of strawberry to garnish



Sloe Royale is fruity and boozy (so enjoy carefully)

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After 4 years of being together we never thought that we would one day be in business together. Who knew where a simple text message could lead….

It all started with a conversation with Nicola at one of The Little Gin and Rum Company’s events in Leeds. Amy sent a message to Ian saying “Do you fancy buying a gin and rum company?” and the wheels were set in motion.



“As a sales professional travelling the UK and the world, I have made travelling and alcohol my thing.  With over 20 years experience supplying the hospitality industry with software and e-learning, I can’t wait to start sharing Queen Cleo Spirits with the industry I love.  You’ll usually find me with my favourite Queen Cleo Rum with ginger ale.”


“Where Ian loves sales, I love marketing and as a digital marketing trainer and professional public speaker, I always have a lot to say.  When Nicola and Emma started virtual events in lockdown, I jumped at the opportunity to talk about gin and rum and nearly 200 events later, I still love it.  Old Tom is my favourite tipple and I’ll even drink it neat with just a cube of ice and a squeeze of lime.”


Nicola and Emma have created a gin and rum legacy and we are honoured to take it into the future.   

We can’t wait to share our plans with you and we promise to make Queen Cleo proud. 

You know our favourite Queen Cleo drinks and we’d love to know yours.  Share them with us on Instagram #littleginandrumco.