Join Us On The Gin Train!

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Events, Hen Do Ideas

Kelly from Little Gin and Rum Co onboard the gin train

Life on board the gin train is never dull. Steeped in history – and with our help, booze – you can’t help but be charmed by the beauty of the scenery rushing by and the quaint, comfortable first-class carriage of a vintage steam train as you sip your way through a range of artisan gins.

The Little Gin and Rum Company have been serving up deliciously boozy treats on board for years; our visitors and team always have a riot, so we’re super excited to be partnering with Severn Valley Railway once more to provide you with a gin tasting experience to remember.

Whether you come for the trains, the gin, or both, there really is something for everyone on board and we guarantee you’ll want to book your next trip before you’ve even left the carriage.

Keen to know more about life on board the gin train? Read on to find out what you can expect, and to book your tickets! Or click here to find out more about our private gin tasting experiences, hosted in the comfort of your own home or hired venue.


Attracting visitors from all over the world, the Severn Valley Line is now one of the top heritage railway attractions in the UK. The Severn Valley Railway itself dates back to 1862 and took a mere(!) nine years to build! It’s worth noting to arrive before your departure time on the gin train so that you’re able to not only admire the gorgeous locomotive you’ll be steaming through the day on, but we recommend taking some time to pop into the Severn Valley Railway’s Visitor Centre – it’s must-see! Get up close and personal to marvellous locomotives of all sizes whilst discovering the hidden history of Britain’s railways. It’s a great way to really make a day of it!

Steam train at Severn Valley Railway


When you jump on board, you really feel as though you’ve taken a step back in time. With an incredible selection of steam locomotives across a variety of classes and ages, the Severn Valley Railway has an unrivalled selection of engines both active, in restoration or on display in The Engine House.

Once onboard, you can’t help but unwind as you’re served your first drink of the day in first-class seating in your vintage carriage.

Emma from Little Gin Co greeting visitors with a smile!


As you board the train at Kidderminster, you’ll be welcomed by The Little Gin and Rum Co team with a smile (of course!) and a deliciously boozy gin cocktail to enjoy as the train steams towards Shropshire. During the round-trip, you’ll sample four artisan gins, before enjoying a glass of your favourite gin from the tasting sequence, served with premium tonic and garnish. If you’re feeling like you’d love to try another, of course additional drinks may also be purchased on your journey.

If you’re yet to attend a gin tasting event, you’re in for a real treat. Typically, there are five stages to our boozy gin train tasting experience:


After outlining the order of events and any housekeeping for your time onboard the gin train, we’ll give a brief overview of the gins we’ll be tasting and what you can expect during the tasting session.


Here’s where we give you a short history of gin, the distilling process, chat about botanicals and take you through some really interesting ginny facts! We keep this section fun and light-hearted. After all, it’s hosted by a fellow gin lover!


The part you’ve all been waiting for! We’ll sample four different gins in total, and we start by taking each of the gins and mixers in turn and smell and taste both separately so you can experience how they work both alone and with each other. The gins are usually a great range e.g., pink, dry, floral, fruity etc. so there’s something for everyone! We also bring a variety of mixers as we know some people can’t stand the taste of tonic water.

Alongside our delicious selection of gins, we always have some gorgeous nibbles for you to try – they definitely help soak up all that gin! We often find that many visitors bring a picnic for their time on board, so do feel free to bring your own munchies too – we’ve seen some amazing spreads in our time!

4. Chat, drink & relax in style

We’re in no rush. The gin train experience takes around two and a half hours – so there’s plenty of time for you and your group to kick back with your favourite gin and shoot the breeze. We like to keep things light-hearted, fun and relaxed. It’s what we do best.

5. Questions

We like to think we’re somewhat the experts when it comes to gin. Let’s face it, we’ve drunk enough of it! We’ll be on-hand throughout your journey to answer any gin-related questions you might have.

Group of women enjoying gin onboard the gin train


You’ll need to book your tickets in advance for the gin train. We’re running various dates from April through to August this year: 30th April, 1st May, 18th June, 23rd July, 20 August, 27-28 August.

Perhaps you’re looking for a special Father’s Day gift for your gin-loving Dad, or fancy treating your other half to a gin-fuelled day out? The gin train is perfect for couples, small groups of friends or a unique family get-together.

Book your ticket on the gin train now!

Whilst we LOVE life on board the gin train, did you know you can HIRE us? If you’re thinking of adding a generous measure of gin or rum to your next get together, our party tasting experiences are the perfect addition. Find out more and get in touch here.



After 4 years of being together we never thought that we would one day be in business together. Who knew where a simple text message could lead….

It all started with a conversation with Nicola at one of The Little Gin and Rum Company’s events in Leeds. Amy sent a message to Ian saying “Do you fancy buying a gin and rum company?” and the wheels were set in motion.



“As a sales professional travelling the UK and the world, I have made travelling and alcohol my thing.  With over 20 years experience supplying the hospitality industry with software and e-learning, I can’t wait to start sharing Queen Cleo Spirits with the industry I love.  You’ll usually find me with my favourite Queen Cleo Rum with ginger ale.”


“Where Ian loves sales, I love marketing and as a digital marketing trainer and professional public speaker, I always have a lot to say.  When Nicola and Emma started virtual events in lockdown, I jumped at the opportunity to talk about gin and rum and nearly 200 events later, I still love it.  Old Tom is my favourite tipple and I’ll even drink it neat with just a cube of ice and a squeeze of lime.”


Nicola and Emma have created a gin and rum legacy and we are honoured to take it into the future.   

We can’t wait to share our plans with you and we promise to make Queen Cleo proud. 

You know our favourite Queen Cleo drinks and we’d love to know yours.  Share them with us on Instagram #littleginandrumco.