Our Story, So Far…

We are Amy and Ian, the gin & rum loving couple behind The Little Gin & Rum Company. Welcome to our world…

When we met in 2018 we never thought we would own a business together but with our magical mix of marketing, sales and drinking experience it’s a perfect pairing.  

We love gin and rum and love to share our passion with our customers.  Whether it’s offering a boozy shelter at a festival, taking part in an artisan market, loving the magic of being a part of a celebration or hosting a corporate tasting we always love our job! 

Any excuse to drink gin (or rum!) and we’ll be there.  We’ve perfected the ultimate tasting AND pop up bar experience. Suitable for ALL occasions. And we’ve even gone virtual (thanks, lockdown).

Queen Cleo Spirits

“More than a tasting experience

We have our very OWN RANGE of spirits, how cool is that?!

Although The Little Gin & Rum Co started life as an events business, born from a love of all things Gin and Rum, we also have our very own range of gins and spiced rum. It’s a badass brand called, ‘Queen Cleo’ and we know you will love them as much as we do!

Each gin and rum in our range of Queen Cleo Spirits is inspired by a tale of the original, Badass Liquor Boss, Gertrude “Cleo” Lythgoe. The prolific liquor-smuggling female of the Prohibition era. A truly badass woman in a man’s world, bootlegging rum and other liquor, from the Bahamas, into America! She led the way with “brains, beauty and breathtaking fury”.

Our spirits and their beautiful bottles represent the true spirit of Queen Cleo. 


Originally an events business The Little Gin and Rum Company founders added a range of spirits into the mix. Having gained so much valuable insight into what flavours and pairings customers were looking for, it was a natural next step to design a unique range of spirits. 

The first step was to find a distillery and research led to finding Mark at Union Distillers. His passion and expertise was clear to see but he also gave the creative licence to develop unique recipes and flavour combinations.

Starting with a classic, easy drinking London Dry and continuing  with Elderflower, Old Tom, Rhubarb and most recently Pink Grapefruit. Not forgetting our glorious Queen Cleo spiced rum. We would love to add more rum variety to our range in the not so distant future. Word has it rum is destined to be the next big thing and we want to be part of the rum revolution!

Find out more about our partnership with Union Distillers and how the founders created a unique range of spirits.

Queen Cleo2

See you soon!

We truly love what we do and being a small business we will continue to flex and refine our offering to give you the very best gin and rum drinking experience. Whether that’s keeping you stocked up with your favourite bottle of Queen Cleo or hosting an experience to remember, for your group of friends or work pals.

We hope to be part of your next event or celebration.

Amy & Ian