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If you’re starting to think about your best mate’s perfect hen party this year, kudos to you. It’s the ideal time to get the wheels in motion to ensure the day goes with a bang. January is often a quiet month and allows you the time and space to get planning the perfect event. Our advice is to get any major suppliers planned in now and deal with the finer details (aka the fun stuff) like table décor and games, nearer the time.

If you know a Bride-to-be who loves gin (let’s face it, what bride doesn’t?) then you may want to try gin tasting as part of your hen party shenanigans. It’s a great chance for all of the ‘hens’ to get to know one another, chat and of course have a few G&Ts!

So we’re guessing you’re at the planning stage and wondering what exactly goes on at a gin tasting event? Well, there’s gin tasting (obviously), but there’s more to consider! In order to plan the perfect party for your blushing bride, you’ll need to know the basics – and some top insider knowledge (from yours truly), to plan the most gorgeous ginny-themed tasting experience.

What happens at a gin tasting event?

There are typically five stages to a deliciously boozy gin tasting experience:

1. Introduction
After outlining the order of events and any housekeeping, we’ll give a brief overview of the gins we’ll be tasting and what you can expect during the tasting session.

2. Education
This is where we give you a short history of gin, the distilling process, chat about botanicals and take you through some really interesting facts (don’t roll your eyes – they are super interesting – promise!) on your favourite bevvy. We keep this section fun and light-hearted. After all, it’s hosted by a fellow gin lover!

3. Tasting and mixing
The part you’ve all been waiting for. We’ll sample four different gins (and yes, before you ask, you get a full measure of each!). We’ll take each of the gins in turn and smell and taste both the gin and mixer separately so you can experience how they work both alone and with each other. The gins are usually a great range e.g., pink, dry, floral, fruity etc. so there’s something for everyone! We also bring a variety of mixers as we know some people can’t stand the taste of tonic water.

4. Chat, drink & relax
We’re in no rush. Sessions typically last an hour, and once you’ve sampled all the gins in our tasting sequence you get to choose your favourite to enjoy as a full drink…and we’ll make this one a LARGE in your very own Little Gin 7 Rum Co branded glass, which is yours to keep! So there’s plenty of time for you and your group to kick back with your favourite gin and shoot the breeze. We like to keep things light-hearted, fun and relaxed. It’s what we do best.

5. Questions
We like to think we’re somewhat the experts when it comes to gin. Let’s face it, we’ve drunk enough of it! We’ll be on-hand throughout to answer any gin-related questions you might have.


Where can I host my gin tasting event?

The great thing about mobile gin tasting sessions is that we can come to you – gardens, hired venues or at home, we’ve seen and done them all. Trust us when we say, trying to round up 12 tipsy ladies into a couple of cabs and driving round town without one of them getting lost isn’t the easiest of tasks to manage! Take the stress out and organise a mobile session to come to you.

The biggest advantage of hosting your gin event in your chosen location is quite simply that there’s less time spent travelling and more time drinking! We also find that events held at home, or a hired venue tend to feel more relaxed for your partygoers. We’ve seen an entire bridal party hanging out in their slippers. Pretty sensible really – saving their feet for the dancefloor later that evening!


What ELSE should I think about?

We’ll set up however you need us to, but it’s always easier if there’s a big table for us to gather everyone around. We’ll come armed with tasting mats to help your guests score their gins, as well as menus, some simple décor for the table and complimentary branded tasting glasses for you all to keep.

Some great ideas we’ve seen at hen party is catered nibbles alongside the tasting experience – it’s a lovely touch and can really make the event look that extra bit special.

If you’re stuck for other hen party ideas, check out our blog post – it’s full of hen party activities that everyone will love!


After 4 years of being together we never thought that we would one day be in business together. Who knew where a simple text message could lead….

It all started with a conversation with Nicola at one of The Little Gin and Rum Company’s events in Leeds. Amy sent a message to Ian saying “Do you fancy buying a gin and rum company?” and the wheels were set in motion.



“As a sales professional travelling the UK and the world, I have made travelling and alcohol my thing.  With over 20 years experience supplying the hospitality industry with software and e-learning, I can’t wait to start sharing Queen Cleo Spirits with the industry I love.  You’ll usually find me with my favourite Queen Cleo Rum with ginger ale.”


“Where Ian loves sales, I love marketing and as a digital marketing trainer and professional public speaker, I always have a lot to say.  When Nicola and Emma started virtual events in lockdown, I jumped at the opportunity to talk about gin and rum and nearly 200 events later, I still love it.  Old Tom is my favourite tipple and I’ll even drink it neat with just a cube of ice and a squeeze of lime.”


Nicola and Emma have created a gin and rum legacy and we are honoured to take it into the future.   

We can’t wait to share our plans with you and we promise to make Queen Cleo proud. 

You know our favourite Queen Cleo drinks and we’d love to know yours.  Share them with us on Instagram #littleginandrumco.